Sr.No Programs Duration Enrolment
1 Diploma in Accounting & Payroll Technician 1 year After Graduation
2 Diploma in Business Administration 3 years After Graduation
3 Diplôme d’études supérieures en RÉSEAU INFORMATIQUE et CYBERSÉCURITÉ 2 years After Graduation 2 years After Graduation
4 Diploma in Medical Office Administration 1 year After Graduation
5 Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Network and Cyber Security 2 years After Graduation
6 Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Intelligence, Analysis and Project Management 2 years After Graduation
7 Post-Graduate Diploma in Mobile Application Developer 2 years After Graduation
8 Diploma in Special Needs and Applied Disability Studies 1 year After Graduation
9 TESL Diploma Program (TESL Ontario accreditation) 6 Months After Graduation
10 Post-Graduate Diploma in Health Care Management 2 years After Graduation
11 Business Administration Post-Graduate in French 2 years After 12th Grade
12 Post-Graduate Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism (Full-Time) 2 years After Graduation
13 Medical Office Administration Manager (Full-Time) 2 years After 12th Grade