1Diploma in Accounting & Payroll Technician1 yearAfter Graduation
2Diploma in Business Administration3 yearsAfter Graduation
3Diplôme d’études supérieures en RÉSEAU INFORMATIQUE et CYBERSÉCURITÉ 2 years After Graduation2 yearsAfter Graduation
4Diploma in Medical Office Administration1 yearAfter Graduation
5Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Network and Cyber Security2 yearsAfter Graduation
6Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Intelligence, Analysis and Project Management2 yearsAfter Graduation
7Post-Graduate Diploma in Mobile Application Developer2 yearsAfter Graduation
8Diploma in Special Needs and Applied Disability Studies1 yearAfter Graduation
9TESL Diploma Program (TESL Ontario accreditation)6 MonthsAfter Graduation
10Post-Graduate Diploma in Health Care Management2 yearsAfter Graduation
11Business Administration Post-Graduate in French2 yearsAfter 12th Grade
12Post-Graduate Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism (Full-Time)2 yearsAfter Graduation
13Medical Office Administration Manager (Full-Time)2 yearsAfter 12th Grade
All tuition fees for all courses must be paid directly to North American Business College. Payments can be made securely either online through our website or via wire transfer to the college account. Please be advised that no agents or sub-agents are authorized to accept tuition payments on behalf of the college.